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The idea behind our Robotic Target System project was to create training opportunities that would take shooting to a new and previously unattainable level for anyone for whom shooting is not just the occasional carrying of a weapon. Robotic Target System was established thanks to intensive work of Tech Robotics engineers and with great substantive involvement of former JW GROM operators - veterans of numerous foreign missions. It is they who occupy a special place in the creation of our projects. Their invaluable knowledge and the experience they acquired during their daily exercises and trainings have led to the creation of a system that offers completely new possibilities for the development of a personal shooting workshop. 
The Robotic Target System enforces another non-standard way of shooting at targets that are no longer just a stationary figure on the shooting range. It is also a new quality of tactical training with significantly increased training dynamics and an innovative teaching methodology aimed mainly at uniformed services. The versatility and application of the use of the Robotic Target System is limited only by the imagination of the instructor, taking training to a higher and completely new level of sophistication. Scenarios and procedures that until now were reserved exclusively for practice ammunition have become available when firing combat ammunition.

Robotic Target


ROBOTIC TARGET™ 2WD is a robotic moving target that is ideal tool for Trainers who want to deliver training programs with realistic scenarios and training tool for all types of hostage simulation and decision making drills

Dummy3D TechFlex


The shooting DUMMY 3D is made of TECHFLEX™ material. it is a "Self Heal" material which has the properties of self-shrinking when shot through. TECHFLEX™ material does not ricochet. The DUMMY3D TECHFLEX™ withstands over 3.000 (.22 to 7.62 caliber shots)

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CQB Team is a training team Tech Robotics .
Our CQB Team consists of instructors with combat experience, gained through many years of service in special units of the Army and Police.